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Mail for Chanyut Chokjanphen

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Two weeks after the posting of the following message, information was received that the juvenile division the city police of Antwerp (jeugdbrigade) and the # 2 City Public Secondary School of Deurne District (Instituut voor Secundair Onderwijs # 2 Deurne) were stealing Oliver Chanyut's mail.

Thus far, Belgian postal authorities have not answered inquiries about registered mail sent to Oliver Chanyut at the school. In one reply, postal officials replied that Oliver Chanyut had personally signed for the mail three days after its posting in Thailand, an impossibility for regular airmail. They were asked to check again.  



May 3, 2004


To whom it may concern:


Friends and relatives have sent approximately one thousand postal items to Oliver Albert Chanyut Chokjanphen, age 15, since his mother (and only parent), Thanomjit Chokjanphen, left Belgium and returned to Thailand without him five years ago, in January 1999.


From January 1999 to February 2003, mail was sent to Oliver Chanyut at Essenstraat 26 in northern Antwerp, where his mother had resided, marked to the care of Chokjanphen and/or Thanomjit's common-law husband, Phousith ("Ed") Sibounloeang *, a Laotian refugee.


Phousith was evicted from the address in October 2002. The landlord, Roger Mostmans, at Essenstraat 22, is holding mail for Oliver Chanyut that he found in Phousith's mailbox after the eviction. Mr. Mostmans also has a large parcel sent to Oliver Chanyut, marked in his care, in early 2002.


Phousith moved to Oudenbareellei 32 in Merksem District of Antwerp. Oliver Chanyut has been advised by mail sent to a school that he is attending to pick up his mail from Mr. Mostmans and Phousith. He has not done so.


Phousith has been advised by mail to contact Oliver Chanyut at the school and make arrangements personally with him to give him his mail. He has not done so.


According to Thais in Antwerp, the people who Oliver Chanyut is living with   -   reported to be a middle-age Belgian national, Denis Baelemans, the latters wife, Veerle Vermeulen, and elderly mother in a rowhouse on Ijzerlaan 29   -   prevent him to pick up and keep mail.


The police should compel the persons Oliver Chanyut is staying with to let him pick up and keep his mail and answer it.


Unless Belgian postal employees stole the mail, Phousith should have several hundred postal items for Oliver Chanyut. If he does not, he should account for them. Thanomjit and two accomplices implicated Phousith in their theft and destruction of thousands of documents concerning Oliver Chanyut in Thailand in 1999. Thus, there is reason to suspect that Phousith might have stolen, sold and/or destroyed Oliver Chanyut's mail in Antwerp.


It is advisable that Oliver Chanyut collect his mail from Phousith in the company of the police to avoid a confrontation.


Thais in Antwerp point out that Phousith could have sold some of Oliver Chanyut's mail to Laotians and Thais in Antwerp. Oliver Chanyut should check in the following places that are frequented by Phousith: the Ploy Phochana Café (check in particular with the manager, Guy; the latters sister; an employee, Khek; and also Khek's mother, Montien, who lives in Deurne District) and the Thai Garden Restaurant (check in particular with the owner, Jintana, and a male and female kitchen employees, both Thais) on Van Wesenbekestraat in Antwerp. Check also with a Thai woman, Phimchai, at Van Wesenbekestraat 58 and the Thai wife of the owner of the Café Bosuil in Deurne District.


It is advisable that Oliver Chanyut check for his mail in the company of the police.


There were credible reports that employees of # 2 city public secondary school (Stedelijk Instituut voor Secundair Onderwijs # 2) on Confortalei 173 in Deurne District, also known by its acronym, SISO II Deurne, stole mail addressed to Oliver Chanyut at the school. The school principal, Guy T'jampens (identified by city public school headquarters (Lerende Stad) as Paul Halens, Paul Hapers, Guy T'jampers and Guy T'jampens); the assistant principal, identified by school headquarters as Maascha van Eyck; and another school employee, identified by school headquarters as a non-academic supervisor of students (leerlingenbegeleider),  Paul Callot, have been deliberately obstructing the families efforts to contact Oliver Chanyut. * *


The police should help Oliver Chanyut recover his mail from school employees.


There were reports also that school employees diverted Oliver Chanyut's mail to Baelemans and Vermeulen.


There were reports also that school employees gave Oliver Chanyut's mail to two social workers from the local office of the juvenile division of the city police (la brigade des mineurs/jeugdbrigade), Suzanne Verhistraten and M. Baelemans, and a justice police (police judiciare/justititi politie) inspector assigned to that office, Jozef Vinckeveughel.


Some local residents said that the non-academic supervisor of students actually works for the justice police.


Personnel of the juvenile division of the city police and the justice police conspired with city administration officials in the perpetration of fraudulent registrations of Oliver Chanyut, false reports about him based on the fraud, and false and malicious reports about a friend of Oliver Chanyut's family (they also harrassed and tried to murder him). Thus, it is advised that the justice police and juvenile division of the city police be excluded from this matter. 


The previous mayor of Antwerp, Leona Detiege, obstructed the family's efforts to contact Oliver Chanyut in 1997 and 1998, following reports of his separation from Thanomjit. In 2000, an aide to Detiege, Leentje van Dooren, conspired with a Belgian foreign ministry official and a Belgian policeman in Thailand, Jean Allaert, the family's efforts to find Oliver Chanyut and obstruct the trial of Thanomjit and three relatives for the theft of Oliver Chanyut's records, which included documentation of the fraud committed by Antwerp city police and city administration officials in complicity with traffickers in women and children.


In early 2003, Detiege, like the city police chief, Luc Lamine, was implicated in the fraudulent use of Visa charge cards, and forced to resign. The current mayor of Antwerp, Patrick Janssens, apparently deferring to Detiege, has sought to obstruct the family's efforts to find and contact Oliver Chanyut, as has a city councilman, Erwin Pairon, who oversees the city registration office. Pairon maintained that the family had no right to inquire into Oliver Chnayut's whereabouts.


School employees who stole Oliver Chanyut's mail appear to be in conspiracy with the traffickers and city police and city administration officials who were complicit in the fraudulent registrations.


A uniformed policeman from the nearest station, probably the area "security officer", should accompany Oliver Chanyut on his recovery of mail.


Signed: William Champa




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*  According to available records in Belgium, Phousith (Ed) Sibounloeang was born in Saphanethong District of Vientiane, capital of Laos, in 1967. (His nickname, Ed, is pronounced "At"). Records in Vientiane for the period are limited and do not mention Phousith or indicate anyone fitting that description. (The name Sibounloeang appears to be a mispronunciation of the Thai name Sibounroeung, with the "r" pronounced like an "l". The same name is Laos is written and pronounced Sibeunheung, with an "h" instead of an "r".)


Phousith was brought to Belgium from a Laotian refugee camp in Nong Khai, Thailand, at the age of 13, in 1980, by a Belgian, Bridget Pauwels, who worked for Doctors Without Borders (Medicins Sans Frontieres [MSF]). It was claimed that Phousith was alone and without family, but Thais in Antwerp recalled later that he tried to contact relatives in Laos.


The Red Cross of Ghent placed Phousith in the home of a Belgian family, Ghislain and Thierry Cols, in Brasschaat, Antwerp.


A year later, in 1981, the Belgian police placed Phousith in a boarding school in Brussels.


Later, Phousith studied at a culinary school in Mechelin (Malines) for two years of its three-year program. 


Phousith lived for several years in Utrecht, the Netherlands, during his early twenties. 


Phousith was legally married to a Korean woman in Antwerp in 1994. They had one child and separated.


Phousith then lived in Antwerp with a Thai woman of lowland Lao stock from northeastern Thailand, Thanomjit Chokjanphen, from late 1995 to January 1999. The couple separated, following Thanomjit's arrest for theft of baggage in Thailand, in January 1999. They had two children, a boy born in Belgium and a girl born in Thailand.



*  *  The following is on the reverse side of every envelope sent to Oliver Chanyut:


ATTENTION POSTMASTER: On November 13, 2003, the secretary of # City Secondary School (Stedelijk Instituut voor Secundair Onderwijs II) (S.I.S.O. II) on Confortalei 173 in Deurne District of Antwerp, Belgium, reported that Oliver Albert Chanyut Chokjanphen of Thailand was enrolled at the school (under the surname of Vermeulen). Another school employee, identified by city public school headquarters (Lerende Stad) in Antwerp as Paul Calot, claimed that Oliver Chanyut was not enrolled at the school. Oliver Chanyuts attendance at the school has been confirmed by local residents who reported that school employees were obstructing delivery of his mail by stealing it or diverting it to the police and persons who claim a relationship to him through fraud. The school principal, identified by school headquarters variously as Paul Halens, Paul Hapers, Guy Tjampens and Guy Tjampers, has ignored all inquiries.


WARNING: By law, the school must deliver all mail (and messages) addressed to the student from relatives (and friends writing on the familys behalf). School employees and representatives of the police must not take or withhold mail (and messages) from the student without the explicit written consent of the student or his parent(s) or a formal court order signed by a competent judge. (Oliver Chanyut, a minor, has one surviving parent, Thanomjit Chokjanphen, in Thailand.) Theft of mail is criminal and punishable by fine and imprisonment. The use of fraud (false civil registrations to alter the addressees identity) by school or police employees to deny the addressee mail or excuse the theft of it is also criminal and punishable by fine and imprisonment.

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